By: Alexandra shustova

Quality Controller
JOB DESCRIPTION To ensure all processes as defined by the QAM are carried out to the required quality standard, to ensure incoming goods and materials...
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Mantis Imager Heads to Space with HyperActive
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 29 June 2021  - Today, Dragonfly’s Mantis hyperspectral imaging payload will hitch a ride to space from SpaceX, as a part of...
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Information Systems Manager
JOB DESCRIPTION Oversees operational systems, processes, and infrastructure while looking for opportunities of improvement or revision. Ensures that the company information systems support the smooth...
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A Matter of Science: Helmholtz Coils in Earth Observation
Earth observation is a complex and time-consuming process. Its complexity stems not only from the payload reaching orbit by launch vehicles but first in the...
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Dragonfly Aerospace is pleased to announce an Award program
Dragonfly is Pleased to Announce an Award Program
In the modern world, Earth observations are of great importance both to humanity and to the planet itself. At Dragonfly Aerospace, we consider these issues...
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The Raptor Demystified
Earth observation is an essential instrument for a variety of industries and government organizations. Accurate remote sensing can save time and money for different entities...
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Majority Stake in Dragonfly Aerospace Was Aquired by Dr. Max Polyakov
Dr. Max Polyakov Purchases Majority Stake in Dragonfly Aerospace
Dr. Max Polyakov – the international technology entrepreneur, investor and economist who is revolutionizing the space industry – today announced the completion of his acquisition...
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How are Earth Observations Being Used to Protect Our Planet
How Earth Observations Are Used to Protect our Planet
As technologies advance, humanity is increasingly influencing the planet and nature. We consume more and more resources to meet our needs. At first glance, humanity...
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Dragonfly to Deliver an Imager for Loft Orbital
South Africa, March 30, 2021 – Dragonfly Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has delivered a customised Gecko electro-optical imager to Loft Orbital to...
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Sunsat — the first African satellite
Inside Sunsat — Africa’s first-ever domestically developed satellite
The South African satellite Sunsat was launched aboard a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Base on February 23, 1999. The Sunsat mission introduced the...
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