Class-leading multispectral imaging satellite

KomodoSat Specifications

Spatial Resolution (GSD) at 500 km

1.5m PAN / 3 m MS in 11 bands

Swath at 500 km

15 km

Total Mass

60 kg


5 Years

Ground Imaging Coverage

1,2 million km² / day

Geolocation Knowledge Accuracy

120 m (3-sigma)

Pointing Control Accuracy

<0.01° (3-sigma)

Stability Control Accuracy

<0.005°/sec (3-sigma)

Slew Rate

Up to 12°/sec

Image Compression

RAW, J2K lossless or lossy

Fully Automated AOCS

Through target tracking


400 kbps down, 150 kbps up

Data Downlink on X-Band

Up to 2.5 Gbps (Peak)

Orbit Average Power / Peak Power

Up to 70 W / 1200 W

Xenon Electric Propulsion System

Up to 11mN thrust, Delta-V: 230m/s

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