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Dragonfly to Deliver an Imager for Loft Orbital
South Africa, March 30, 2021 – Dragonfly Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has delivered a customised Gecko electro-optical...
Software programming Engineer
Software Programming Engineer
JOB DESCRIPTION The Software Programming Engineer is responsible for designing software as defined by the needs mandated through clients, projects...
Sunsat — the first African satellite
Inside Sunsat — Africa’s first-ever domestically developed satellite
The South African satellite Sunsat was launched aboard a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Base on February 23, 1999....
Dragonfly and Pixxel
Dragonfly and Pixxel sign agreement for high resolution imagers for Pixxel’s satellite constellation
Dragonfly Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract for the development and delivery of high resolution...