Raptor Imager

Super-resolution Raptor Imager for Microsatellites

Raptor Camera Core Specifications

Raptor Imager Technical Specifications

Spatial resolution (GSD) at 500 km

PAN 0.5m / PAN 0.36/ MS 2m

Swath at 500 km

8 km

Mass (Including electronics)

55 kg

Spectral bands

6x MS

Satellite Bus Size

100−150 kg

Physical Size

635 mm (D) × 1450 mm (L)

Data format

10-bit or 12-bit

Integrated mass data storage



RAW or J2K lossless or lossy

Data interface

LVDS, SpaceWire

TMTC interface

CAN / RS422

Power Usage

Imaging mode: < 45 W
Readout mode: < 25 W

Power Supply

28V DC

Operating temperature

+10°C to +30°C

Survival temperature

-20°C to +55°C



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