CAD drawing on screen
Job Opportunity: Mechanical CAD Draughtsman
Dragonfly Aerospace (DFA) is seeking a Mechanical CAD Draughtsman to join our team. They will be based at our Stellenbosch office outside of Cape Town....
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Mechanical drawing
Join the Team: Mechanical Engineer
Dragonfly Aerospace (DFA) is looking for a Junior Mechanical Engineer to join our team. They will be based at our Stellenbosch office outside of Cape...
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SWIR Camera clouds earth space
Exploring the Applications of SWIR Technology
Cutting-edge technology continues to serve as a guiding light in the vast expanse of outer space, where humanity’s thirst for new understanding constantly pushes the...
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Chameleon SWIR forests cloud
Using SWIR Technology in Earth Observation
Earth observation technology is constantly evolving, and recent advancements have provided unprecedented insights into our planet’s intricacies, including short-wave infrared (SWIR) technology, a powerful tool...
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Space situational awareness
3 Applications of Space Situational Awareness
In our ever-evolving technological landscape, space has become a critical domain for both civilian and military activities, increasing the need for space situational awareness. And,...
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space domain awareness
The Importance of Space Domain Awareness
While Space Situational Awareness (SSA) involves observing, tracking, and analysing spacecraft and debris to determine their positions, Space Domain Awareness (SDA) goes beyond this. It...
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space situational awareness
Understanding Space Situational Awareness
From tracking the Earth’s weather patterns and monitoring natural disasters to providing telecommunications and navigation services, society relies heavily on spacecraft to provide detailed information...
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SAR satellite and Earth
7 Applications of SAR
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology has revolutionised our ability to observe and monitor the Earth’s surface. With its unique capabilities, weather-independent operation, and day-night functionality,...
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synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite
Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a sophisticated remote sensing technology used in satellite and airborne systems to create high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface. SAR...
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Komodo and Chameleon SWIR
Dragonfly Aerospace Launches Two New CubeSat Imagers
As one of the world’s commercial leaders in electro-optic imagers and payloads, Dragonfly Aerospace has released two new CubeSat cameras to add to the company’s...
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