Dragonfly Aerospace partnership with Neuraspace
Dragonfly Aerospace Selects Neuraspace for Enhanced Space Sustainability
Neuraspace’s groundbreaking Space Traffic Management platform will be used by the world’s first agricultural-focused satellite. Dragonfly Aerospace is proud to announce a strategic partnership with...
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Dragonfly Aerospace Unveils Spectacular First Images from EOS SAT-1
Cape Town, South Africa — 23 May 2023 — Dragonfly Aerospace, a commercial leader in cutting-edge satellite imaging technology, is delighted to announce the release...
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The first successful launch of a Dragonfly satellite EOS SAT-1
World’s first agri-focused satellite launched from Cape Canaveral
EOS SAT-1, the first imaging satellite to be built by Dragonfly Aerospace, was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, as part of the Transporter-6 mission. The...
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Development of methodolocival approaches for attitude control system
“Development of the methodological approaches for the attitude control system of the Earth remote sensing satellite in the conditions of the onboard equipment partial failures”
Dragonfly Aerospace’s GNC Software Engineers, Petro Zheliabov and Erik Lapkhanov, wrote a full research article discussing the “DEVELOPMENT OF THE METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES FOR THE ATTITUDE...
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EOS SAT 1 leaves Dragonfly Aerospace facility
EOS SAT-1 leaves Dragonfly Aerospace facility as it prepares for December launch
EOS SAT-1, the first imaging satellite to be built by Dragonfly Aerospace, will soon leave the 3000 m2 Dragonfly Aerospace design and manufacturing facility in...
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remove before flight
Remove before flight
No doubt you have witnessed or even experienced situations where one slight mistake or inattention has cost days, months, or even years of hard work....
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Africa Awards 2022
As a part of the South African entrepreneurial community, we have always supported and contributed to the development and permanent growth of the local economy,...
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Remote Sensing In Agriculture – What Are Some Applications?
Applications of Remote Sensing In Agriculture Agriculture provides raw materials, fuel, fibers, and food (of course!) to humanity. This role needs to be fulfilled within...
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How Remote Sensing Satellites Works
What are Remote Sensing Satellites, and What Are They Used For? From a more general perspective, remote sensing satellites laid the foundation for the science...
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What Are Some Applications of a LEO Satellite?
Different Applications of a LEO Satellite Satellites need to be adequately placed in the corresponding orbit once it leaves for space. This way, it will...
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