As one of the world’s commercial leaders in electro-optic imagers and payloads, Dragonfly Aerospace has released two new CubeSat cameras to add to the company’s product portfolio. 

The Chameleon SWIR and Komodo CubeSat cameras will enable clients to provide solutions to enhance their data offerings for Earth observation and space situational awareness (SSA) applications.  Combining these new products with Dragonfly’s existing flight-proven multi and hyperspectral imaging solutions will complement Dragonfly’s product range and allow clients the opportunity to create a unique fusion dataset across a wide spectrum.  

Cutting-edge imaging technology

Chameleon SWIRThe use of short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging technology is becoming increasingly popular in agricultural analysis and provides excellent insight into environmental monitoring. The Chameleon SWIR imager offers a unique advantage in various applications, as it can detect infrared light that is invisible to the human eye.

It takes advantage of four discrete SWIR bands that are less susceptible to fog and cloud cover, enabling an increased amount of usable data. And, with some of the highest resolution in the short-wave infrared range, the Chameleon SWIR truly stands out from the crowd.

According to Francois Mostert, CEO of Cameras at Dragonfly Aerospace, “the Chameleon SWIR gives customers access to unmatched SWIR technology at this price and performance point. Based on our flight-proven Chameleon platform, this imager leverages the latest in SWIR imaging detector technology.”

Creating customisable imaging solutions

Komodo CubeSat imagerMeanwhile, the Komodo camera was designed to extract the maximum resolution from a 12u CubeSat imager and packs a real punch for its compact size. Competing with much larger imaging systems in terms of ground sampling distance (GSD) and swath, the Komodo generates multispectral data that can be tailored to fit various applications, and can be configured as a pushbroom linescan and RGB snapshot imager, making it suitable for both Earth observation and SSA applications.

Combining the Komodo’s high-performance optical system with the company’s versatile electronics chain enables Dragonfly to provide clients with a customisable imager solution using flight-proven building blocks for their chosen imaging application. It also provides enough versatility to allow for an expanded set of use cases, such as those in the Non-Earth Imaging (NEI) sector.

“The imaging team at Dragonfly has been working hard on these new additions to the product range and we’re excited about the opportunities that these imaging solutions will bring to the market,” says Francois. “Our highly experienced team thrives on pushing the boundaries using the latest imaging technologies.” 

Looking to the future, Dragonfly Aerospace is working on advancing technologies to further increase performance, with a specific focus on sub-meter solutions.

Premium CubeSat cameras

Dragonfly Aerospace CubeSat imagers provide compact solutions for Earth observation, deep space, and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) for government and commercial missions.  The product range covers everything from the RGB snapshot, multi and hyperspectral to short-wave infrared (SWIR) packaged into compact and efficient opto-mechanical designs with the latest advances in opto-electronics that enable revolutionary solutions.