We are pleased to announce that Dragonfly is now a proud member of the International Astronautical Federation!

The announcement was made during IAC 2021, the International Astronautical Congress. 

Founded in 1951, the IAF is the world’s leading space advocacy body with 407 members across 71 countries, and members include the leading space agencies, companies, universities, research institutions, museums, societies, associations, and institutes worldwide. The Federation advances knowledge about space and supports the development and application of space assets through promoting global cooperation.

“This past year has been challenging for us, but today I am incredibly proud that Dragonfly has taken this step into a new era. Now that we are supported by international technology entrepreneur, investor and economist Dr. Max Polyakov, we are eager to move forward and develop new products, to add our contribution to the development of the International Astronautical Federation and we are excited to support IAF missions” said Dragonfly Aerospace CEO Bryan Dean.