Job Description

The Communication Systems (COMMS) engineer is responsible for the design and production of Communications Systems (RF & Microwave systems and hardware). The COMMS Engineer is responsible for performing communication systems design in an efficient, pro-active and synergistic manner.

All COMMS Electronics developed within the organisation is to be designed and maintained in accordance with approved standards, processes and principle guidelines as defined and adopted by its Centres of Excellence (COE). The COMMS Engineer will support a given Centre of Excellence and work in a multidisciplinary engineering environment of teams and projects to realise successful and precise technical outcomes that meet the technical performance requirements as set by mission stakeholders.

Spacecraft COMMS solutions engineering is performed for the Ground and Space segments, and includes the development, assembly, integration, testing and production environments. COMMS solutions are produced per project need and assignment.


B English


Junior 1-2 years


Comms System Design:

  • RF/Microwave system design (architecture/topology/function)
  • RF link Budgets
  • Determine and conform to regulatory requirements
  • Ground station design and commissioning

RF/Microwave Circuit Design and Implementation:

  • RF/MW circuits (oscillators, amplifiers, modulators, etc.)
  • Cable systems design
  • General lab procedures
  • RF test procedures
  • RF test equipment (VNA, Spectrum Analyser, Signal Processor, Oscilloscope, Power Meter)


  • Comms system simulation (AWR VSS)
  • RF/MW circuit simulation
  • RF PCB layout & simulation (Altium Designer, AWR Microwave Office, Axiem,
    Keysight ADS)
  • 3D EM simulation (FEKO, CST, Sonnet)
  • Circuit/SPICE Simulation

Working knowledge of:

  • Antenna specifications and testing
  • Modulation techniques and error correcting codes


  • Developing pragmatic solutions and building flexible systems without over-engineering
  • Develop, document and maintain COMMS requirements, algorithms, interfaces and designs
  • Development of COMMS solutions and integration of complex COMMS components into a fully functional Communications System
  • Involvement at all stages of the COMMS development cycle, including designing, developing and improving architectural systems and QA processes as required
  • Development of COMMS verification plans, test procedures, test environments and executing test procedures, documenting the test results to ensure Communication System requirements are met
  • Perform and continuously improve the core competency of the COMMS Team
  • Monitoring and reporting to management on plans, progress and issues
  • Technical writing and compilation of technical procedural documents
  • Interaction and cooperation with customers over all technical aspects
  • Guidance and training of customer engineers as required
  • Positively maintaining company presence and customer value
  • Positive contribution to company team knowledge and team spirit
  • Support and development, selection, tailoring and deployment of COMMS processes, tools and metrics as required
  • Address Communication System fault resolution and continuous improvement activities
  • Produce in compliance with the company product lifecycle management (PLM) standards and processes, tailored where applicable and as approved by project
  • Ensure the practice and compliance with the organisation’s system engineering standards (e.g. needs solicitation, requirements analysis / writing / management, product lifecycle management, reviews, traceability, validation, verification, non-conformances, waivers and others)● Work closely with other engineering disciplines and project managers within an integrated, cross-functional team environment
  • Work closely with other engineering disciplines and project managers within an integrated, cross-functional team environment
  • Support project and business development on formulating and compiling statements of work, technical solution plans, pre-feasibility and trade studies and system concept proposals
  • Support implementation of and compliance with engineering technical standards, policies and procedures
  • Establish risk management processes; declare, report, manage and mitigate technical risk
  • Produce and submit deliverables for technical review and baselining
  • Perform, as required, technical reviews according to the technical review process

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